Tri Delta

Theta Kappa Chapter at Southern Methodist University

Parents Information

Founded in 1888, Tri Delta was established by her Founders as a society committed to being “kind alike to all, and to think more of a women’s inner character and beauty than her outward appearance.” It was a society in which three ideals — truth, self-sacrifice and friendship — were at the center of the member experience, and where women were called to establish a perpetual bond of friendship and to steadfastly love one another. 

Tri Delta is an experience in which women are loved and accepted for who they are, and encouraged and empowered to become the best versions of themselves.

Membership Expectations

As a member of Tri Delta, your daughter will be required to meet and exceed certain expectations outlined in our Obligations of Membership. These expectations are set forth by her chapter and include personal, academic, financial and on-campus housing requirements to be met over the course of her collegiate membership.

As part of the collegiate chapter experience, Tri Delta members will participate in multi-dimensional – “3D” – educational and leadership programs designed for personal growth and development while building lifelong friendships.

Tri Delta promises to assist your daughter in every possible way. If you have any questions about the services provided by the Fraternity, please feel free to call our Executive Office at (817) 633-8001.

Greetings new SMU Tri Delta Moms!  Congratulations on your Tri Delta daughter!

Mothers' Club was founded in 1939 and has supported the young women of SMU Tri Delta for almost 80 years. We concentrate our efforts on SMU Tri Deltas, our mothers, and SMU activities. We have a dual purpose:  helping the chapter with extra needs--financial, material, volunteer and provide our moms all from all across the United States, an avenue to get to know one another, socialize and have fun!

SMU Tri Delta Mothers' Club sponsors and plans these activities for our Moms, Dads and daughters:

  • Fall Family Weekend Meet & Greet.
  • Christmas decorating with SMU House Corporation in November.
  • Recruitment Work Week snacks for the chapter. 
  • Bid Day-- welcomes new moms with beads, balloons and best wishes at their social.   
  • Special Valentine's Day treats for our all Tri Deltas.
  • Mom's and Dad's Weekend spring special event.
  • Thoughtful treats for our housemother all year.
  • Seniors receive a beautifully engraved silver letter opener at their special Pansy Brunch -the traditional graduation gift for SMU Theta Kappas.

We cordially invite you to join. Your dues and donations will be put to good use. We work closely with the chapter, House Mother, House Corporation, the Collegiate Advisors and the Dallas Tri Delta Alumnae Chapter to determine the yearly needs. 

Welcome to a great group!  We look forward to meeting you.  

 Delta Love and Pony Up!

Lin Beaudette and Rex Ann Hill
Co-Presidents 2017-2018
SMU Tri Delta Mothers' Club

Advisory Board 
Sandra Warner (Ashley '21) OP, KS                      Norma Hamilton (Megan '20) TX
Liz Cordia (Mary Elizabeth '20) VA                        Liz Weisberg (Marlo '20 Trish '17) WVA
Leah Crosswell (Ligon '19) TX                               Val Shaw, (Marianna '19) TX


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